Punarnava Malaysia

Punarnava Ayurveda Centre in Bangsar is born of the demand to look after the wellness needs of the people in Malaysia using authentic Ayurveda. A welcoming environment centrally located, with experienced female and male therapists to serve a full range of Authentic Ayurveda needs.

Vaidyan C. Radhakrishnan, BAMS, Senior Ayurveda Physician and Director heads the team. He graduated from Kerala, with 10 years experience of which the last four years being In Malaysia.

He has considerable experience working with herbal products and with chronic cases like musculoskeletal disorders, asthma, and diabetes. He is further supported a team of Specialist Ayurveda Physicians in Punarnava who have a wealth of knowledge and experience that has benefited many.

Your health is our concern.... in your best interest, all Ayurveda care programmes at Punarnava require prior consultation with the Ayurveda Physician, who will customise a specific porgramme with specified duration for your special needs. Ayurveda believes that every one is unique: and hence let our Physician help you understand more about yourself!

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